New regulations[1] were passed by the European Parliament on 2022-10-04, requiring phone manufacturers to start using USB-C ports for charging in 2024. Beginning in the spring of 2026, all phones, tablets, cameras, and laptops sold in Europe will be subject to the new rule.

Consumers will no longer have to deal with several charging cables, which is excellent news for them and ultimately good for the environment. The new regulation, following the EU, will assist European customers in saving up to €250 million annually on pointless charger purchases.

The new regulation results from an EU initiative to combat the ecosystem lock-in effect brought on by proprietary technology like Apple's Lightning port or various wireless charging standards. In a press release issued today, the EU Parliament stated that to prevent harming consumers and the environment, the European Commission must harmonize interoperability criteria by the end of 2024.

In 2024, Apple is anticipated to release its first iPhones with a USB-C connector for charging, which will be pretty soon. Before that, the company's following entry-level iPad is also anticipated to convert to USB-C, following the precedent set by the iPad Pro and iPad Air product lines.