Android 13 is the following operating system update for Android devices. Updates to Material You, faster access to a QR code scanner, a new audio feature, and improvements to notifications and other settings are rumors.
When Will Android 13 be Available?

The new operating system will most likely be available in October 2022. They announced android 12 at Google I/O in February 2021 and released it in October 2021, so we expect Android 13 to follow suit.

Features of Android 13

We know little about this OS update yet. However, here are a few rumors:

Material You.

Material You, Android 12's UI revamp, allowed for various customizations such as synchronizing your wallpaper colors to your app themes, and Android 13 is set to improve on that.

QR scanning.

Users may scan QR codes from the lock screen with this OS upgrade. There might also be improved QR reader shortcuts.

Continuous playback

It may implement a Tap to Transfer capability similar to Apple's offers between iPhones and HomePods. For example, it allows you to transfer music from your iPhone to your HomePod and vice versa.

More control over notifications.

This feature would oblige the app developer to seek permission to send notifications, similar to how many browsers encourage users to do.

Language preferences for each app.

Instead of a single global default option, users may specify a different language default based on the app.

Supported Android 13 Devices

Most Android devices that support Android 12 should upgrade to Android 13. Google Pixel (3 and higher), Samsung Galaxy S20 and S21, Asus Zenfone 8, and the OnePlus 9 smartphone series are available models.

With Android 13, Google may discontinue support for the Pixel 3 series, but we can't be sure.

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