The Name NegoIT is stand for Network of Expertise Grid for Outstanding Information Technology

Our Vision

Bring the ideal solution from crucks of the industry experts

Our Mission

Build a knowledge hub by gathering greatest and innovative minds in every sector of IT; then, develop the best possible infused solution.

Our Values

  • Consist of large group of IT industry experts as Consultants
  • Has an inhouse team of Network and Security experts, so the application that we develop are secure against attacks and performance are optimized for internet
  • Drives on future focus approach which utilize new technologies and platforms
  • Innovation
  • Customer focus
  • Knowledge sharing

Our Business Model

Most of the IT companies focus on just selling a product or service regardless of real benefit to the client. Moreover, once the product is sold, extreme amounts will be charged, and longer durations will be taken even for a minor change.

However, our strategy differs from that where we strongly believe in the success of our client's business by our product or service since we're looking for a long-term relationship with the client. Further, today's business world is extremely dynamic where the IT solution you brought on yesterday may not be suited for today's business strategy which leads to losing money for the investment that you made for the IT system. Therefore, most of our systems that we offer can be leased as a subscription model where you pay only for what you have used (Software As A Service - SAAS). Therefore, no capital investment and no loose of capital investment because you have paid only for what you have used so far. Most importantly, we regularly update our web application based on the present business model without any charge since we believe that it is unfair to charge a client if the application has no use for him.

Financially, since there is no capital expenditure, there is no risk. Subscription model of the products and application falls under operations expenditure, there is no recovery of the investment.

Our Capacity & How We Do

We consist of a highly skilled team with experts in Web Applications, Servers, systems, Networking and IOTs as well as experts in the IT industry working together with us as a group to provide the best possible consultancy for your need. Therefore, we do not just give you what you ask for, but we will fulfill it in the best possible and most effective way. For instance, the request of the client may be just a web application. But we will educate the client for different options of onsite and cloud hosting, high availability and how it can help business, the security perspective of the application and architecture.

F Further, our team has a positive attitude of "Never say No" where we always implement your business requirement into a better IT solution.

More About Us

Client Network

We have clients all over the world including Sri Lanka, Qatar and Australia as of now and our client network is keep on expanding across the globe day by day due to high satisfactory of clients.

Our Partners

As of now, we have two partners namely "Apogee Automation Systems" and "Real Tech Computers" in Sri Lankan for authorize sales and for technical support.

Our History

We started our business back in 2008 with the project of and produce web application since then. With the previous years, we have expanded our specialties in many areas.