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Why we're so special

Most of the IT companies forces on just selling a product or service regardless of real benefit to the client. Moreover, once the product is sold, extreme amounts will be charged and longer durations will be taken even for a little change.

However, our strategy is differ from that, where we strongly believe in success of our client's business by our product since we're looking for a long term relationship with the client. Further, today's business world is extremely dynamic where the IT solution you brought yesterday may suited only for your today's business strategy which leads to loosing money of the investment that you made for the IT system on tomorrow. We highly focus on this point...

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Main Products & Services

We offers wide range of IT services and they are mainly focus on business automation and customized solutions or solutions based on research and development.

Software Solutions

We have our own products line software for the sector of Business & Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Queue management, Inventory management and IT compliance. Most of our pricing models are business oriented where the software will be given as a subscription (SAAS) to avoid extreme spending from client.

IoT Solution

We produce enterprise grade IoT solutions for requirements. Also, we do have our own products for irrigation systems, gardens, and smart SMS gateways. Further, our IoT devices capable of remote software updates and could data uploads.

Systems & Networking Solutions

We have expert skills of MS Exchange, AD, Radius (MS NSP with any Network device which require RADIUS authentication), MS VPN, Database clustering, Certificate servers, Storage Systems, Cisco Networking, Firewalls (Palo Alto, Cisco, pfSense), Network Monitoring systems, Printer management solutions and AWS clould integrations.

What we do and how we do?

How we Handle the Case?

We consist of expert knowledge in Software Development, Graphic Designing, Systems (Vast range of Microsoft & Linux systems), Networking (Cisco, Brocade, HP), Network Security (Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, pfSense, CheckPoint, Fortinet), Cloud Service (Microsoft & AWS), IoT and enterprise grade CCTV solutions.

Therefore, every request we get will be analyzed against out expert skills to provide the best solution as well as best cost-effective method. Further, we educate our clients importance of security where it is necessary; however, avoid any False Sens of Security. Further, our solutions are validated against CIA triangle (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability) and provide the best possible solution for the client's need.
Financially, the solution we provide will be validated for the benefit of our client. Therefore, for some of our products, we offer subscription-based Pay-as You Grow model where the capacity of the services (computing power) and software limitations will be expanded to simultaneously with the business. This avoids, unnecessary capacity planning and unwanted reserved computing power which leads to vast amount of cost saving by the capital expenditure.

Primay Products

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IoT Devices

We have our own IoT products and we do develop IoT devices based on your requirements.
Our IoT Irrigation system can measure the soil moisture and outside temperature then decide the required amount of water and it opens the water valve for the required duration. We have two products. One for home and hotel gardens. Another for enterprise level gardens and for agricultural needs.
The device will upload all reading to the cloud service. The reports and modification to settings can be done by the mobile web App. The system has a standalone storage in it to store the data locally and operate even if no internet available.

IT Compliance

This is an enterprise level application developed for IT departments to comply with IT compliance requirements.

The software covers areas of Inventory, Change Management, Incident Reporting, Printer Toner Management. The software can be integrated with MS Domain controllers for SSO
Even this correlates Incident and recent Change Requests. The software is already proven to be extremely user friendly and extremely fast with no lag unlike competitive products in the market.

Need IT Consultation for your Business?

Every business can boost up by help of IT to robust the process and well arrange the by fine tuning the business process. If you are in a position to invest capital for IT but not sure whether it is the right technology? What is cloud? How to how to move to cloud?

You can consult us to make the right choice.

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