IT Solutions

  Special Facilities

  • Free Web Hosting
  • Cheap Software Solutions
  • 40% Discount for System Maintenance

Software Solutions

Software Designing & Development .
Software Solutions
We are providing
We are providing major software solutions for Accounting packages, computerized billing system & billing systems based on barcode readers.

Web Solutions

Web Programming & Site Designing.
Web Solutions
We are providing
We are providing major web solutions for Web designing, maintaining existing websites, and Web based accounting software to monitor your transactions.

System Maintains

Maintain & Design computer systems.
Computer Systems Maintain
We are providing We are providing computer system designs and maintaining computerized systems in your company and also we are upgrading them when it is necessary.

Network Solutions

Network Planning and Solutions for Existing Network
We provide standard computer network designs and form your environment accordingly and we introduce appropriate solutions for your existing computer network and upgrade it with minimum requirements to speed up the network. Our services include high speed internet connectivity if necessary. We can build up connection between/among deferent geographical locations (branch offices) through internet with a very low cost.
Network Solutions

Computer System Maintaining

Design Computer Systems & Maintain Existing Computer Systems
Computer Systems Maintain
 We provide standard computer system designs  and maintain
 existing  system  with  the  support of all  the IT activities and we are
 able to function as your internal IT department.

 • Designing small,  medium and  enterprise computer systems.  We
   study & analyze the business environment and give you the best
   solution for your need.

 • Providing computer system maintenance either on contract basis or
   occurrence basis.

 • 24/7 responding service. When you call we’ll arrive at your venue
   as quickly as possible.

 • We provide 40% discount for systems which are being repeatedly