This year, Youtube may have enormous plans for podcasting. This information comes from the Podnews[1] website. According to them, Youtube will have a dedicated home page for podcasts, and there will be podcast cards as search results on Youtube. So this could give podcast creators a more substantial presence on Youtube.

As Podnews says, Youtube will have a new podcast home page at, a URL that doesn't work yet.

Youtube is the primary advertising platform for Google, and the company aims to show audio ads through Google and other partners. Also, as Podnews says, they will roll out additional measures for podcast makers to make this platform much better.

Youtube has appointed a new leader, Kai Chuck, a ten-year Youtube veteran for podcast platform development. In addition, Youtube has been trying to get podcasters' attention by giving them up to $300K in gifts to launch a video version of their podcast on Youtube.

Apart from Youtube, Apple and Spotify have already been doing this kind of podcasting much better on their platforms. For example, Spotify has acquired many startups in the podcast industry, and they have been inventing premier shows. On the other hand, Apple is working on a different strategy, and they have introduced new monetization options with paid podcast subscriptions.

We can expect Youtube to launch this concept sooner on their Youtube platform, which may be a mix of elegant features that Spotify and Apple offer.