Filmmakers and Video editors in worldwide, are using three following professional video editing software to edit and post production.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro

DaVinci Resolve

People ask which software is better? Well, it depends on what kind of requirements you need to do with video editing. For an example, If someone looking mainly for colour grading of video, Then your best choice would be the DaVinci Resolve. Each software has it’s own capabilities. Let’s talk about each software in depth.

Adobe premiere Pro is the industry standard in editing videos and films. Both Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve has a same interface so far but, Premiere pro is easier to use than DaVinci Resolve. DaVinci Resolve is designed for a slightly higher expertise level. Premiere Pro has wider array of tools and features for users and it allow you to create complex text compositing and sleek titles than DaVinci Resolve. Even the price, DaVinci resolve has a higher price range. Premiere Pro have fantastic Audio engineering tools than any other software. What about colour grading? Well, in that case DaVinci Resolve wins. It was originally a colour correction program which is now offering editing ability. Films that focused on colour grading like La La Land and Avatar are edited with DaVinci Resolve.

Final Cut Pro which is also known as FCP is served by Apple. The advantage of FCP is organizing ability, keywords and logging tools that enable editors to organize footage fast. So Final cut Pro is fast and easy to use. FCP has a simple interface that new editors can easily learn fast. FCP is consider as capable of edit videos of any level, but it is not the most suitable software for complex video editing. Again, you need to have Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve for more complex video editing.

It is clear that DaVinci Resolve is the best application for colourists because it has fascinating tools for colour grading, but most editors like to work with Adobe Premiere Pro because it seamless integration with other adobe applications like Aftereffect, Illustrator, Photoshop. That means you don’t need to encode or render Aftereffect footage when you work with premiere Pro, as they linked together. The other reason is Premiere Pro also have amazing colour grading tools with LUTs.

Premiere Pro is still my favourite even though there is a competition between above three software. Because I work with Adobe After effects to make some complex text animation that other software doesn’t able to do. Specially if you work with VFX, It is easy to work with Aftereffects and premiere pro together. Adobe updates their application in each year with wonderful new features within it.

Finally, If you need just a simple edit for your videos, then there are much simple applications for you. I personally like Power Director according to ease of use. Some YouTubers use Power Director for editing their videos. It offers verity of pre-sets for transitions and text animations, So you don’t need to make them from scratch. You can save your time.

Dinithi Madushani.